16 Common Face Contouring Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Common facial contouring mistakes can impact the overall appearance and defeat the purpose of enhancing facial features.

Here are some common errors to avoid:

1- Over-contouring:

    • Mistake: Applying too much contour product, making the face look unnatural and overly sculpted.
    • Solution: Start with a small amount of product and build up gradually. Blend thoroughly to achieve a more subtle effect.

2- Ignoring Face Shape:

      • Mistake: Using a one-size-fits-all approach instead of contouring according to individual face shapes.
      • Solution: Understand your face shape and contour accordingly. For example, contouring for a round face differs from contouring for an oval or square face.

3- Incorrect Shade Selection:

    • Mistake: Choosing contour and highlight shades that are too dark or too light for the skin tone.
    • Solution: Select shades that are close to your natural skin tone. Avoid using products that are significantly darker or lighter, as they can look harsh and unnatural.

4- Harsh Lines and Unblended Contour:

    • Mistake: Leaving visible lines without blending, resulting in a harsh and artificial appearance.
    • Solution: Blend, blend, blend! Use makeup tools like brushes or sponges to ensure a seamless transition between the contoured and natural areas of the face.

5- Incorrect Placement of Contour and Highlight:

    • Mistake: Placing contour or highlight in the wrong areas, can distort facial features.
    • Solution: Learn the proper placement for contouring and highlighting based on your face shape. For example, highlight the high points of your face and contour areas where shadows naturally fall.

6- Using Too Much Shimmer:

    • Mistake: Overusing shimmery or glittery products for contouring, leading to an unnatural and overly reflective finish.
    • Solution: Reserve shimmer for highlight areas, and opt for matte products for contouring. This creates a more realistic play of light and shadow.

7- Skipping Skincare Preparation:

    • Mistake: Neglecting proper skincare before contouring, which can lead to uneven product application and a less-polished look.
    • Solution: Start with a well-moisturized and primed face. This helps the contour products glide on smoothly and ensures a more even application.

8- Ignoring Lighting Conditions:

    • Mistake: Contouring without considering the lighting conditions, which can affect how the makeup appears.
    • Solution: Check your makeup in different lighting situations to ensure it looks natural both indoors and outdoors.

9- Neglecting the Jawline:

      • Mistake: Forgetting to contour the jawline can result in an incomplete and less defined look.
      • Solution: Extend contouring to the jawline to create a more sculpted appearance. Blend the contour product downward to avoid a stark line.

10- Ignoring Your Neck:

    • Mistake: Neglecting to blend contour down the neck can create a noticeable contrast between the face and neck.
    • Solution: Blend contour product slightly down the neck to ensure a seamless transition and a more natural overall look.

11- Using Too Many Products:

    • Mistake: Layering multiple contour products excessively can lead to a heavy and caked-on appearance.
    • Solution: Stick to a minimal number of products and layers. Less is often more, especially when it comes to facial contouring.

12- Applying Contour Too Low on the Cheekbones:

    • Mistake: Placing contour too low on the cheekbones can drag down the face rather than lift and define.
    • Solution: Contour just below the cheekbones for a lifted effect. Avoid applying contour too close to the mouth.

13- Skipping the Blush:

    • Mistake: Contouring without adding blush can result in a flat and one-dimensional look.
    • Solution: Incorporate blush to add a healthy flush to the cheeks. Blending blush with contour helps create a balanced and radiant complexion.

14- Not Adjusting Contour for Different Occasions:

    • Mistake: Using the same contouring intensity for all occasions, whether it’s a daytime look or an evening event.
    • Solution: Adjust the intensity of contouring based on the occasion. Opt for a lighter contour for daytime and amp it up for more dramatic evening looks.

15- Using Contouring as a Mask:

    • Mistake: Applying contour across the entire face without considering natural shadows can create a mask-like appearance.
    • Solution: Focus contouring on areas that naturally have shadows, such as the hollows of the cheeks and the jawline. Avoid unnecessary contouring on well-lit areas.

16- Ignoring Personal Style:

    • Mistake: Following contouring trends without considering personal style and comfort.
    • Solution: Tailor your contouring technique to enhance features that align with your personal style. Experiment and find a contouring approach that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

By being mindful of these additional contouring mistakes, you can refine your technique and achieve a more polished and natural look.

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